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Cenosphere used to reduce weight in concrete, resins, plastics, ceramics, paints, and coatings. Other benefits include increased filler loading, reduced shrinkage, lower viscosity, fireproofing, lubricity, and transport savings. Higher Alumina cenospheres have been developed for higher temperature applications such as refractory, foundries and high temperature coatings and flame-retardants. Hollow ceramic microspheres are used in many different industries and the number of applications continues to grow. PLASTICS: Cenospheres are an excellent lightweight filler for plastics and continue to grow in popularity and use. Not only do they reduce the cost of the composite but Cenospheres often impart performance improvements that might otherwise not have been achieved. CONSTRUCTION: Cenospheres have been widely used in the construction industry for many years. From roofing materials to stuccos and grouts, new applications and products continue to be developed. The quantity of cenospheres used within the construction industry continues to grow today as more and more companies realize the advantages cenospheres bring to their products. OIL FIELD: Cenospheres have been used in oilfield cementing for quite some time. During a cementing job, cenospheres act to decrease the slurry density without increasing the water content. This in turn provides better compressive strength to the cement. PAINTS & COATINGS: Cenospheres are special additives that both chemists and formulators in the paints and coatings industry are using to enhance their products. A sphere has the lowest surface area of any shape. As a result, these hollow ceramic microspheres reduce resin demand and increase volume loading capacity.


Chemical composition (%): SiO2 >55 Al2O3 >24 Fe2O3 <4 TiO2>1.1 MgO <1 CaO>2 K2O >1 loss <1 Physical properties: 1) Particle size: 20 - 500 microns 2) Bulk density: 0.33 -0.46g/cm3 3) Color: light gray / offwhite 4) Moisture content: 0.5% max. 5) Floater: 95% min.

5 ton


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